About Us

We are automotive e-commerce platform with two major branches:
  1. Connecting internet-connected vehicle owners to reliable auto mechanics.
  2. Supply of genuine automobile parts and accessories.

From an ever-increasing network of mechanics, customers may select a mechanic and contact them for a repair. Alternatively, trust us to do the whole hassle for you; all you have to do is tell us your car problem and we’ll use our logistics to get it fixed.

mechanic workshop

Vision & Mission

“To become the go-to mechanic in Nigeria and compete aggressively with brick-and-mortar auto parts sales markets.”
  1. To service and repair vehicles to the proper working condition in a professional manner.
  2. To deliver honest automotive repair, quality workmanship and exceptional service.
  3. To make genuine parts easily available at the lowest possible cost.
  4. To eliminate overpriced, overvalued, or fake parts from our users’ domain.

Core Values

Chassis is a business by car lovers for car lovers. We commit to our:
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Auto-sympathy
  • Community responsibility
  • Sheer love for cars
  • Technology
core values
part warehouse

Our Network

  • Aftermarket part manufacturers and suppliers
  • OEM part manufacturers and suppliers
  • ASPAMDA market
  • Ladipo auto parts market
  • Professional automobile technicians
  • Roadside mechanics
  • Filling station garages
  • Auto repair shops

Target Market

  1. Vehicle owners
  2. Fleet owners
  3. Drivers
  4. Fleet managers
  5. Car lovers
Car keys placed on contract documents about car loans.
chassis team photo
Chassis internal team with some of our auto technicians

No risk!

✓ Top grades, high quality
✓ 7-day return policy
✓ Up to 3 years part warranty
✓ Up to 6 months service warranty

Trust us!

✓ Personal expert advice
✓ Same-day delivery
✓ Privacy – your data is secure
✓ Secure payment with SSL encryption

Guaranteed lowest prices!

✓ Wholesale part price
✓ Affordable service prices
✓ You can’t find it cheaper elsewhere