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Chassis is not your regular auto care company

Chassis is a fusion of two major industries: automotive and information technology. We are a tech start-up company. Our motto is: “satisfy the customer, scale fast, profits later”. This is because we are obsessed with revolutionizing the auto industry with our disruptive technological practices.

We are doing the dirty work so that effectively everyone is happy: the mechanic, the auto part dealer and the vehicle owner. Because we are building the largest database of auto care services in Nigeria, and trusting on the feedback of our users, our prices will keep getting lower, while the quality of our services will improve.

Market studies

Our market survey showed that 57% of vehicle owners use roadside mechanics, 33% use workshops while only 13% use specialized auto care shops for their maintenance. However, only 22% of all respondents totally trust their current
service provider.

Most vehicle owners were mostly dissatisfied with high cost, poor standardization and delay in delivery with the current system.

The most important criterion for choosing a service provider was ‘Trust & Confidence’ with 60% of respondents selecting it, while Price and Quality followed with 45% importance apiece.

The Nigerian automobile industry has been in chaos without proper standardization or regulation of the market. 41.17% of the 11.8 million cars in Nigeria are privately owned*, but the age of many of these vehicles means there is a constant need for vehicle parts and accessories. The auto industry is a multi-billion naira industry with auto parts and services in great supply yet vehicle owners are under-serviced and unsatisfied. This is because vehicle owners are at the mercy of unqualified or dubious mechanics, unscrupulous parts dealers and poorly regulated auto servicing companies. This is about to change!

We are not ordinary businesspeople, we love cars. We are automotive connoisseurs who think and dream cars. The team is made up of petrol-heads who work for the passion of the job. We simply like the smell of good old automotive engines.

Our team is made up of highly skilled personnel and very experienced auto specialists, fleet managers, maintenance personnel, technicians and mechanics. A group of successful professionals teaming up to close the gaps in the local auto care market.

With a team of skilled men and women who know the terrain and are passionate about what they do, you ensured of the best service at an affordable price. Chassis takes care of the vehicle throughout its lifecycle: from purchase to retirement. All you’ve got to do is just DRIVE…


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