Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Repair
Mechanic Everywhere
Accident Management
Roadside Assistance

With a growing network of over 500 automobile garages in Lagos and major Nigerian cities, vehicle repair is always within reach.

We work with part manufacturers, warehouses & suppliers; mechanics garages; professional automotive technicians, mechanics and engineers; emergency outfits; road authorities; other auto-related artisans such as towing services, panel beaters, painters, auto-electricians, upholsters, including roadside mechanic, to ensure a complete solution to your fleet out on the road.

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No risk!

✓ Top grades, high quality
✓ 7-day return policy
✓ Up to 3 years part warranty
✓ Up to 6 months service warranty

Trust us!

✓ Personal expert advice
✓ Same-day delivery
✓ Privacy – your data is secure
✓ Secure payment with SSL encryption

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✓ Wholesale part price
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