Fleet maintenance fee and service fee cost only about 3% of the total cost of managing your fleet, you should really use a fleet management company for a fleet of five or above. Because of our radical business model and low costs, it pays even more to use a fleet management company like us.

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  1. Service Reception – Front-facing personnel with good interpersonal skills and technical background.
  2. Consulting – Qualified service advisers with experience, technical ability, and standard problem-solving techniques.
  3. Diagnosis and Repair – Network of highly qualified third-party technicians and in-house engineers to ensure zero repeat jobs.
  4. Obtaining Approval – Before any repair on the client’s vehicle, approval is first acquired by email or telephone.
  5. Job Allocation – Jobs are allocated to the right technicians according to the nature of the problem.
  1. Quality Control – Static QC: systematic & procedural inspection to ensure requested repairs are done & problem resolved.
    Dynamic QC: road testing after repair.
  2. Delivery – All our processes are transparent. See all with an overview of work done, parts purchased, product and labour costs, next service visit and more.
  3. Follow-up – After 1 week from the delivery date, client service staff calls the client to get feedback regarding repair that was carried out.
  4. Warranty – Most parts carry a minimum of 6 months warranty, some 5 years. Labour warranty varies from 3 months and above.
  5. Health and Safety – We are fully compliant with all local regulations as far as safety and health are concerned.

No risk!

✓ Top grades, high quality
✓ 7-day return policy
✓ Up to 3 years part warranty
✓ Up to 6 months service warranty

Trust us!

✓ Personal expert advice
✓ Same-day delivery
✓ Privacy – your data is secure
✓ Secure payment with SSL encryption

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✓ Wholesale part price
✓ Affordable service prices
✓ You can’t find it cheaper elsewhere