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How it works

Car trouble? We can help!

Need help with your vehicles maintenance? It can be done easily on our web portal. 

The process has been tailored to aid accessibility through the use of the web portal and you can set up a maintenance schedule of your vehicle while also getting the service at low and transparent price. 

Scheduling Your Appointment is Easy 


  1. Your diagnosis of the vehicle (“my car is vibrating” or “my wheel is making an unknown sound”)
  2. Provide your vehicle Make, Model and Year 
  3. Provide your personal details, i.e name, email address and phone number 


A detailed list of the parts, services and cost implications to service your vehicle will be sent to the provided email account. 

In order to avoid last minute surprises and further negotiations, our mechanics have agreed to adhere to the quoted prices. 


Right before you book an appointment, we will provide you the grade, ratings and reviews from other customers to aid your selection process. 

Our technicians will be available on weekdays by 8am to 6pm and weekends by 9am to 5pm.  

Simply pick a time on the calendar that best works for you and provide payment information to validate your order. 

A debit card may be required to book your appointment but we won’t bill your card until the work is done, and of course you can always manage your booking 24/7 from our website or mobile portal. 

No risk!

✓ Top grades, high quality
✓ 7-day return policy
✓ Up to 3 years part warranty
✓ Up to 6 months service warranty

Trust us!

✓ Personal expert advice
✓ Same-day delivery
✓ Privacy – your data is secure
✓ Secure payment with SSL encryption

Guaranteed lowest prices!

✓ Wholesale part price
✓ Affordable service prices
✓ You can’t find it cheaper elsewhere