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Simply put, our auto part prices are about the lowest in the market. Our parts are sourced from import warehouses so you get to have the best bargain. We are confident of this, so much so that we’ll match the price if you find it cheaper anywhere else. Please see our Lowest Price Guarantee offer for more. While you may get cheaper services with roadside mechanics, and because of the nature of automobile services, we ensure that only certified mechanics and professional technicians can work on your vehicle. Thus, we offer you the same premium mechanic service you would get in an upscale repair shop. And the good thing? The prices is 2x to 5x cheaper. What a bargain!


What you pay for is what you get. We stock three grades of replacement parts to ensure we cater to every budget. While we only sell good quality parts, if you want a little extra and can afford it, you can get the best grade aftermarket parts. Also, our technical services are conducted with quality in mind, that is why we give a full 6 months warranty when you use Grade A parts purchased from us.

Benefits to the vehicle owner

  1. Our service aids customers in the complete care of their vehicles, taking away fraudulent and overpriced mechanics out of the equation.
  2. One-stop shop for car owners. No need to deal with several merchants. Same company repairs the vehicles, services it, and sells genuine parts, all with the trusted seal of the company.
  3. Excellent delivery of service ensures that customer’s pain of dealing with several merchants is taken away.
  4. Customer can track their order online. Data, logs and history of customer’s vehicle and repair are stored. Say bye-bye to having to remember, or even, arranging your routine vehicle maintenance and paper renewal. We’ll do all the work.

Part supply

Imagine having access to the most reliable warehouses, meaning that you get parts at the lowest possible price? You also get warranty on the parts and on the labour; and you never have to worry if
you are getting the best deal? That’s what you get at chassis.ng. We curate only the best-rated parts warehouses bringing genuine parts & accessories to your doorstep.


You get warranty on all parts purchased from us. Warranty period depends on the grade of the product. You also get warranty for services performed by our mechanics – up to 6 months, when you use Grade A parts purchased from us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]