What are the required vehicle registration documents in Nigeria? This is an important question you should ask before going for your car registration in Nigeria. As you read through this page, you will be enlightened on this.

6 Vehicle Registration Documents to Get Your Car Registered

Vehicle registration is an essential part of maintaining safety, compliance, and responsibility on the roads in Nigeria. Nigeria is a nation known for its busy cities, energetic communities, and vast road networks.

However, for both seasoned drivers and novices, comprehending the complexities of the necessary vehicle registration documentation can be intimidating.

As you read on, we will examine the necessary paperwork required for car registration in Nigeria. This will provide insight into the procedure and its importance.


Top 6 Vehicle Registration Documents in Nigeria

Below are the top 6 requirements to register your vehicle in Nigeria:

Evidence of Car Ownership

This is one of the vehicle registration documents in Nigeria. The documentation of ownership is fundamental to the Nigerian process of automobile registration.

All other registration procedures are carried out using this document as their basis. In the absence of it, the ownership of the car is called into question.

A sales receipt, bill of sale, or certificate of ownership are common documents used as evidence of ownership.

Valid Means of Identification

A legitimate form of identity is required for anyone registering a car in Nigeria. This could be a voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport, or national identity card.

By requiring the owner’s identity to be confirmed, this requirement helps to maintain accountability and security during the registration process.

Certificate of Roadworthiness

To guarantee that automobiles operating on public roads are in top shape, a roadworthiness certificate is required at the time of registration.

This certificate is provided after a careful examination of the car’s safety and mechanical components by trained professionals.

Also, it confirms that the car satisfies the regulations for using the road, increasing safety and lowering the possibility of collisions.

Vehicle Insurance

6 Vehicle Registration Documents

This is also one of the vehicle registration documents in Nigeria. In Nigeria, the cost of insurance is a prerequisite for registering a vehicle.

Presenting documentation of current auto insurance is required during the registration procedure.

This insurance offers protection against financial obligations resulting from theft, accidents, or vehicle damage. It is crucial for the owner’s and other drivers’ safety.

Custom Documents (Related to Vehicle Imports)

This is also one of the vehicle registration documents in Nigeria. The registration of automobiles brought into Nigeria requires the presence of customs papers.

These documents attest to the vehicle’s lawful importation into the nation and contain the Vehicle Importation Permit (VIP) and the Clearing Papers.

To stop illicit importation and maintain accountability during the car registration procedure, compliance with customs regulations is essential.

Certificate of Tax Clearance

According to fiscal legislation, registering a vehicle in Nigeria requires a tax clearance certificate.

This record proves to the government that the owner of the car has paid all of their taxes.

Also, it emphasizes how crucial it is to abide by tax regulations and helps to generate income for public services and infrastructure development.

Bottom Line

It is necessary to have a complete awareness of the necessary documents and their importance to navigate the Nigerian vehicle registration process.


Every document, from tax clearance certificates to ownership verification, is essential to maintaining responsibility, compliance, and road safety.

Vehicle owners support a culture of responsibility on Nigeria’s varied roads. They help the transportation system run smoothly by following these registration criteria.